MAIZE, a play about Barbara McClintock

Self-producing is terrifying.

But I’m doing it. Because my play about Barbara McClintock belongs in Ithaca. She attended Cornell for all three of her degrees, ending with a PhD in 1927. Then she managed to have a stellar career as a woman scientist, in a time when focused, eccentric women were in short supply.

To get good people, I decided that I needed to pay them–even though this isn’t an Equity production. To find the money, I created a Kickstarter campaign. That meant creating a video (thank the goddess for a husband who knows how), struggling with the site (it only accepts URLs if you cut and paste them), and promoting the hellup out of it.

Did I mention that this is one scary process, this self-production thing?

However, I now have a great cast and a great production team. Risley Theatre, at Cornell, is the place I’d like to do the show–because it’s at Cornell. But it’s student-run, and I haven’t heard a word. Knowing that might happen, I have a backup–Lehman Alternative School, which has a little theatre, and who are very nice folks. Feb-March 2018, if you live near Ithaca NY.

So. If you can help fund and/or promote MAIZE, here’s where to go. Let the world know about Barbara McClintock. And keep this playwright from panicking!